Our Values


Our party’s accountability culture calls on members to deliver on promises they make to the electorate. The party sets benchmarks to monitor the performance of leaders and to hold them to account to the electorate. DP promotes internal democracy and the implementation of its own programmes can serve as a model for national governance.


DP embraces public scrutiny. It has established structures which are transparent and responsive to the public and in particular, its members. More importantly, the party is concerned that its party operations and decision making processes, design and implementation of policies, use of funds and other resources and the management of people are all transparent; there is full disclosure.

Our Values

DP values the principles of fairness and equity. Decision making within the party values the diverse skills, experience, capabilities and beliefs of its members. This creates synergy within the party.


Dignity is a critical value to DP and consequently, the party promotes self respect, truthfulness, responsibility and accountability. The party membership believes that the set standards articulated in their ideology should be safeguarded at all times without fear or favour; this is the distinguishing factor between DP and other parties.


The Democratic Party believes that there is more than one way to look at the world. Consequently, DP offers space for alternative thinking and respects members regardless of ethnicity, gender or status.